Students at TGR-E

What kind of projects do our students work on at TGR-E and how was their experience? We let them tell you in their own words...

About their projects:

"Working in supply chain management, I analyzed all the processes concerning the raw material. Afterwards I developed improvements for the weaknesses I found and implemented them in the running processes," Robert.

"This project is my master thesis and the main task is to design, develop and improve the current wind tunnel acquisition system. The basic concept is to have a proper alternative/improvement to the current PIV system. This will integrate the aero data that will be collected during a wind tunnel test," Adam.

"The target of this project was to design and enable the production of lightweight components using additive manufacturing for the racing prototypes. This included the development of the processes and material testing. During my internship, my principal tasks were divided into four sections: design of parts, material testing (procedures, results analysis etc), material management and close cooperation with other departments," Enrique.

"The aim of project was building and calibrating CAE valvetrain model for evaluating dynamics effects on high performance engine. Step-by-step I upgraded the system, using dedicated software according to knowledge acquired and correlating the results with measurement data," Remy.

"The project’s goal was to create an entirely checked and updated process manual for the Human Resources department. My task was basically to consider, check and think about existing processes," Leonie.

About their highlights:

"TGR-E offered me a lot of freedom to conduct my research. The emphasis is to find a balance between the ability to work individually but communicate in a strong fashion, and TGR-E has established the environment to accomplish this with confidence," Diogo - designed the requirements for electric and electronic architecture.

"When my simulation first represented the physical crash test accurately and my calculations played a significant role in solving an issue," Philip - simulated crash testing.

"While I presented the results of my thesis in presence of the participating employees and several managers. I became aware of the questions and the discussion that followed and it seems as there was a high interest and enthusiasm in the topics I worked on," Till - implemented a Manufacturing Execution System for CNC Production.

"My best experience was the development of a particular part using these technologies. It was a big challenge to take in account all production parameters as well as the packaging and strength," Enrique - designed and developed parts and materials for Additive Manufacturing.

"The interpretation of results which have possible consequence improvement of engine performance or overall understanding was always motivating," Remy - developed a valvetrain dynamic model for Engine Calculation.

About their impressions:

"What impressed me most about TGR-E are the people I am allowed to work with, their dedication, kindness and the overall great working environment," Phillip - simulated crash testing.

"From my first day on I noticed the friendly and positive atmosphere at TGR-E. Everyone was very cooperative and whenever I had questions someone took time to answer them," Robert - optimized raw material handling for Supply Chain Management.

"One of the most impressive aspects of TGR-E is the friendliness and the kindness of the staff not only within the department but also the other departments I connected with. In addition, I was fascinated by the very interesting topics and high-tech facilities, especially the CNC manufacturing," Till - implemented a Manufacturing Execution System for CNC Production.

"First of all, learning exciting new things every day as well as being in contact with the state-of-art technologies of motorsport. Secondly, sitting just in front of the workshop and seeing directly the modifications of the cars and hearing the engines rumble. Finally, let’s not forget about the best canteen ever!" Enrique - designed and developed parts and materials for Additive Manufacturing.

"Because of impeccable teamwork, new challenges can be solved quickly and effectively. The multicultural atmosphere generates a special variety of ideas," Leonie - created a process manual for Human Resources.

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